YouTube App For Xbox One X Updated With 4K Support

You can now stream YouTube videos on Xbox One X in 4K as Microsoft’s consoles are finally starting to get 4K support this week.

The Xbox One X and S both allow you to watch a 4K video, but the consoles didn’t have a way to watch YouTube in 4K. This week, Microsoft is rolling out an app for the Xbox One X console that provides support for 4K videos at up to 60fps. And not HDR. The Xbox One S update for that is also on its way.

Microsoft’s Xbox One X is the top end model of 4K and HDR right now, while gaming on the console is mightly impressive, but what’s it lacking is rather an obvious feature since its launch last month. That is the ability to play 4K YouTube videos and HDR. It still remains the case, it can now at least scratch 4K off the list following an update to the YouTube app.

You can download the updated app for the Xbox One X and S consoles.this week, as you’ll get 4K support as well. With the addition of 4K streaming to the Xbox One X YouTube app, the gamers can enjoy full 60 fps playback.

Great to hear is that it is perfect for watching content created from games and with anyone using an Xbox to stream YouTube content likely to want to watch gaming videos. The lack of HDR supports somewhat disappointing though, Microsoft says that is “coming soon,” whenever that may be.

Thinking about the 4K experience on the Xbox One S is definitely worth it if you’re in the market for a new console. Adding (long overdue) 4K YouTube support just makes sense of being even better. If you have the console, you”’ see the updated YouTube app this week, or if you’re impatient, you can grab it from the Windows Store right now.

Also coming soon is support for both 4K and HDR streaming of YouTube on the Xbox One S. While the Xbox One X can already play 4K Blu-ray content but streaming via YouTube n the same resolution has proven illusive.

Once again, being the owner of an Xbox One X can head over to the update section to upgrade YouTube app, which is rolling out now. And it can also be installed manually via the Store immediately.