Youtube Video Editing Possible with YouTube Video Editor – How to

Youtube Videos: How to Edit /Convert Youtube Videos using Youtube Video Editor for Free Online (to Trim/Crop/Splice/Add Text and Rotate) . To Watch Online Videos:Youtube is one most popular and Demanding Video Sharing Site . Not only Watching YouTube Videos , but you can Upload Videos on Youtube:Download after Creating an YouTube Account .

Youtube:Database has Millions of Flash .flv Videos already stored and coming too. We are able to Watch Videos, Movies on Youtube Sharing Site and on Youtube:Upload Videos like our Favorite Videos or Broadcasts on YouTube.

YouTube:2D To 3D Conversion added already, so that you can Convet 2d TO 3D on Youtube automatically for free and you can also remove the 15 Minutes Limit. You can Check this Automatic:2D to 3D on YouTube – How to Guide . Edit YouTube Videos on YouTube using YouTube Video Editor and also add Effects to the Edited Videos too.

Now you will be reading this Article on How Easily you can Use Youtube Video editor to Edit your Uploaded Youtube Videos in simple ways for Free.

To Edit YouTube Videos head over to Youtube Video Editor “ ” and just sing-in into your YouTube Account to Edit Uploaded YouTube Videos and Create 2D to 3D Video.

1. How to Crop Videos : Cropping Youtube Video will be the first basic feature, you can Crop Videos with the help of Youtube Video Editor.

a) First of all you have to Drag-nd-drop Youtube Video to the Editor and point the Mouse pointer on that Video.

Youtube Video Editor Cropping

b) You can See a small icon “Scissors” to Trim: Video, jut click on it.

Crop Youtube Video

c) Now a new screen appears in which you can adjust Timelines and crop Videos easily. and Finally save it to Publish. Belwo Image shows evrry thing.

2. How to Splice Youtube Videos : Using Youtube Video Editor you can splice or Combine Videos together to make them as single video (Mixing). For that you have to simply Drag the Videos side by Side and Save them to Publish your Done Project. You can also use Creative Commons Videos by just clicking on “CC” Tab.

Splicing:Youtube Video

3. How to Add Music: YouTube Videos – Awesome feature to add Music to your Youtube Videos, like Youtube users are able to add Background Music to YouTube Videos, for that:

* To add Music:Videos on Youtube, Click the Music Symbol “?” on Youtube Video Editor and Select Music from your Computer or Search Youtube for your Desired Music Tracjk that can be added as Background Music:Youtube Video.

* Found thae Best Music Track, then Drag and Drop to the Given Audio Trackline in the Video Editor and now Save It and you have successfully added Music to Youtube Video.

Add Background Music:Youtube Video

4. How to Add Transitions:Youtube Videos – Waht to add Awesome Transitions effects for Your Youtube Video before or Between Videos or at the end of Videos. To Adding Transitions is very easy, just click on the Symbol that is already present to the right of Music Symbol ”?”. There are several Transition Effects available to Choose from, just Select One and Drag and Drop into the Youtube Video Editor field between, Before or End of your Videos and Publish it.

* To Adjuts Brightness to your Video, just click on the Magic Wand that appears, so that you can simnply adjust Brightness Settings to Youtube Videos.

5. How to Add Text:Youtube Video – Want to add Text to your Youtube Videos ? then it can be doine with Youtube Video Editor. To add Text to the Video on Youtube Uploaded, just click on “T” options (Text Option) given there and Drag and Drop that Text Template before or after in the Editor filed to edit text and text can be added when the Youtube Video Starts or at the End of Video Clip.

Add Text to Youtube Video

If you want to add Text Directly on the Video just hoverthe mouse Pointer on that YouTube Video where you can see “T” symbol, just click on it to add any Text you desire to.

Rotate Youtube Video

6. How to Rotate Youtube Video – which can be used to rotate your videos. This option can be used when you hover mouse pointer on the video and click on rotate button that appears there.

This is it, you can Easily and in a Simple way, Youtube Videos Editing is possible with Youtube Video Editor .