YouTube HTML5 Player Almost Ready to Launch Replacing Flash Eqvivalent

The Google operating system blog notes a series of better improvements YouTube made to its HTML5 player. Google’s new HTML5 YouTube player has received a number of major updates recently to improve its features and performance and is now coming on similar with YouTube’s Flash based player.

YouTubes's HTML5 Player

We had already covered a guide on how you can enable the new YouTube design which was recently updated with HTML5 player have added support for closed captioning and annotations, along with full-screen support for Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari users seamlessly.

Well! YouTube has been offering YouTube users the option to use the new HTML5 player for over a year and allowing them to opt for the HTML5 YouTube player over the older Flash based thing.

Here’s a rundown of the additions:

  • enable annotations and captions
  • copy embed code and URL
  • native full-screen support for Firefox and Chrome
  • 480p and 1080p options

If you wish, you can just signup to the ongoing trial to use the new  The HTML5 version of YouTube’s video player has seen steady improvements and is rapidly approaching feature parity with the Flash version. However, though when ever any YouTube movie has an advertisement in it YouTube will still force you to use its Flash based player currently for some time, even when you are an member of the HTML5 trial yet.