YouTube: iPhone HTML5 Web App Updates iOS with New Design – How to Try

Update for YouTube HTML5 Web App for iOS iPhone gets new Design . YouTube App within iOS is somewhat dated, seems rather out of place in Comparision to most of the Stock applications. How to Try this new YouTube HTML Web App on iOS Now via Mobile Safari.

YouTube iOS App

YouTube’s HTML5 Web inteface has made the official YouTube iOS App for over a year now, seem slow. While YouTube’s HTML5 Compatible Web app is getting a Makeover, this new design includes a muck darker color palette, according to the first published by Macstories.

The YouTube web app is available on the iPhone/iPod touch through Mobile Safari was released in July 2010. The latest refresh presents videos against dark toolbars and buttons.

Here is the guide on How to access/Active the new Design of YouTube web app on iPhone. You must first visit this link below:


* Next select “Try the New Visual Design!” From there, the application will reload and begin using the new design.

YouTube HTML5 Web App for iOS

This latest update pitches videos against darker looking toolbars and buttons which certainly makes navigating YouTube a little easier on the eye. the YouTube web interface is quicker and cleaner than the native app, plus it has some added functionality. Ditch the Native app and try to use YouTube via Mobile Safari. via