YouTube For Android Users Gets Updated With Minor Playlist Enhancements [Download APK]

One of the top video streaming channel would be YouTube, for Android smartphone it is a fully packed handle and today, with the latest update, YouTube brings some new era of best tweaks to playlists management. Full details after this minor break!


YouTube now with the version update gets a contextual menu that evidently provide quicker access to pre-existing features. With an action overflow button appears next to each result at the time of searching for a playlist. By a single tap on that button, Android users can easily share or save playlists to their sidebar for quick access later on.

Although, each playlists on YouTube shows the number of items (lyrics/tracks) in the list and to admit, a small cahnge can be seen in the “Liked Videos” as well, where users will actually see a ‘+’ option to add that video instead of a ‘thumbs up’ sign button, when you previously used to like the playlists.

YouTube-Updated-version-5.9Additionally, YouTube update also adds “View All” button under the Playlists in the slideout menu on the app and this enables users to seamlessly access all of their favorite playlist without any hesitation.

Changes on YouTube are minor which now includes a video quality selector in order to make a choice between different resolutions, bug fixes and performance improvements for voice search and in general. The update is yet to be released (rolled-out) officially for Android handsets, and until then, if you’re eager in trying it out?

YouTube-for-Android-Update-PlaylistsUsers can now!  Download .apk of YouTube 5.9 for Android file from the source link provided below.

File name: (via AndroidPolice)