YouTube 2.0 For iOS Now Available With New Features From Its Android Fellow

Version 5.0 was the latest version of YouTube for Android app released yesterday by Google, and today with the similar counterpart features, iOS devices also got the newer version of YouTube app. Apple’s iPhone and the iPad will be receiving this version 2.0 of YouTube to experience the altered features.

Although it hasn’t took a lot time for those packing Apple’s smartphone or tablet devices to get the YouTube update that their Android-friends toting with. In fact, only took 24 hours!

Finally Google has updated the YouTube app for iOS, bringing the same feature list that we have already discussed it yesterday to the iPad and iPhone. More than just a new icon, the new version of YouTube iOS app actually looks and feels much like the current Google+ app, which isn’t a bad thing around.

iOS app along with new icon, also gets Google’s multitasking to YouTube, means that video fans can minimize what they actually are currently viewing to a little window at the bottom of the screen. Next turn means that rest of the iPhone or iPad’s display is free to allow users to search for the content they desire. Finally the great and the best feature available!

YouTube 2-iOS-app
Extended support for enhanced TVs and Google’s own Chromecast dongle is also included with this latest update, making it easier than ever to get your YouTube videos of your phone and onto the big screen. With HDMI support it can also connected to LED-TVs as well. Or if you got an iPhone, then you’re in with capability for some time now now thanks to AirPlay.

From the yesterday’s Android update yet another feature lands to make the ability to search for and then watch playlists enable, with a ‘play all’ button allowing back-to-back viewing of all video is within those playlists. Once decided to just set YouTube off and kick back, then playlists are what you need.

Google has officially announced that it is working on improving HTML5 Web app, that’s the way how most people watch their content currently. With that in mind, it’s the Web interface that is the most important to Google, and the best one needs to be worked on mostly.

(Download: YouTube for iOS on the App Store)