Yahoo Replaces Google For Search On Firefox In The US

Yahoo Will Soon Become The Default Search Engine In Firefox

Mozilla has announced that Google no longer be Firefox’s default search engine anymore, rather it is replaced by Yahoo in the United States. Firefox have entered into a five year partnership with Yahoo for search on mobile as well as Desktop.

Since 2004, Google search was the Firefox default search engine either on desktop or mobile, and when the agreement came to a renewal this year, Mozilla decided to change its strategy, even though the market leader Google accounts for 67% of searches from US desktop computers. That compares to about 20% for Microsoft and 10% for Yahoo, accor4ding to research comScore.

One thing to be noted and that is after Google pushed Penguin update last month, many internet users has apparently shifted to Yahoo and Bing. Google was dropped a little bit when talking about search results. Anyhow, Yahoo will now be the default search engine on Firefox’s browsers in the US.

Yahoo said it would launch a “clean, modern and immersive design” search engine for Firefox users starting in December and the chief executive Marisa Mayer called the five-year deal with Firefox the most significant partnership for Yahoo in 5 years”.

“Our teams worked closely with Mozilla to build a clean, modern, and immersive search experience that will launch first to Firefox’s U.S. users in December and then to all Yahoo users in early 2015. The interactive and integrated experience also better leverages our world-class content and personalization technologies.”

posted Marrisa Mayer, Yahoo CEO, in a company blog.

Firefox web browser in Russia, the default search will be Yandex and in China it will remain as Baidu. Notably, Yahoo Search is powered by Microsoft Bing. Firefox users in the US will be automatically directed to search results on Yahoo’s website when they enter a subject into the small box that appears at the top of the browser.

Mozilla in its blog post said that in this partnership, Yahoo will also support Do Not Track (DNT) in Firefox. Additionally, Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, eBay, Amazon, Twitter and Wikipedia will continue to remain as alternate search engines. Google will usually continue to power the Safe Browsing and Geolocation options in Firefox.

Financial terms and deal were not disclosed as yet. Switching the default back to Google only takes a few seconds, but most users will likely stick with the default.