Xiaomi Mi4 Powerful Smartphone Is Coming On July 22, Launch Set With ‘Steel’ Invites!

Alongside Xiaomi’s Redmi 1S and Redmi Note the Chinese CyanogenMod giant is planning to launch its first metal phone, the Xiaomi Mi4 on July 22. Soon after revealing the release date for its next flagship, Xiaomi has now teased images of the ‘steel invite’ for the event. Full details after this break!

Although with Mi3 by Xiaomi which launched in India a few days ago, is well predicted to see its successor follow behind, the Mi4 smartphone with some stunning killer features will attend the launch event on July 22.

Xiaomi has officially shared the images of the invitation letter made of steel for “The Journey of a Piece of Steel” launch event via Google+ page, scheduled on 22 July. The place where the company is expected to unveil Xiaomi Mi4.

Killer features on Xiaomi Mi4 smartphone could be the metal design, camera, MIUI v6 et al, which will make this upcoming Xiaomi’s device a big rival. The company has also mentioned in its Google+ post, “Invitation letters for the 2014 Xiaomi Annual New Product Launch Event on July 22: The Journey of a Piece of Steel. The G+ post further confirmed that the invitation letter has been made of real steel. Great!

Xiaomi has always been offering top hardware at the best prices, but this trick that many companies are emulating, and some today’s technologies are deemed by many as simply not worth having 2k resolution displays for instance. The Mi4 will particularly focus on the metal design and optimization first rather than offering leading hardware.

One of the latest images shared by the Chinese handset maker shows a piece of steel modified after smartphone, tipping that Xiaomi might apparently launch its new flagship sporting metal-based chassis. The anticipated Xiaomi Mi 4’s front panel was also leaked in images recently showing thin bezels, while the rear of the handset was seen to be sealed with a metal casing.

Camera features are believed to have been updated for this new metal Mi4 smart-device as well. With an aperture of F1.8 or less should see some serious upgrades in the camera application section. Speaking of apps like MIUI, which has been updated to V6 for the Xiaomi Mi4, and running the latest version of Android 4.4.2, it will get a new flat look. Also alongside these innards, we should also expected to see new features based on gesture support, slow shutter etc.

Availability and price are two, the company’s like Xiaomi might think of, rather no longer need to wait for hardware prices to drop before they start making a profit on their gadgets. The Xiaomi Mi4 price would be lower than before and second is the availability for the next-generation flagship.

Xiaomi India putting an end to speculations, finally revealed its first smartphone for the market, the Xiaomi Mi3, now listed on company’s site at Rs. 14,999, and also available at an exclusive retail tie-up with FlipKart.

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