Xiaomi Announces New Smartphone Dock That Monitors Blood Pressure, Heart Rate And More

On Wednesday, Xiaomi in partnership with iHealth Labs launched a smartphone dock that will work as a health station for monitoring BP (blood pressure) and heart rate. Now that, the Chinese company has notably announced that the new era docking system with the team had reportedly invested $25 million in iHealth labs earlier this week. Full details on how it works, after this break!

Xiaomi-BP-Monitoring-DockXiaomi is however being a smartphone manufacturing company in China and already presented the world with some of its best smartphone mockups, for instance, the Xiaomi Mi3, Mi4 and the Redmi 1S handsets into the market, recently, and just a few days ago cast Redmi Note tablet as well. Master of electronics is now looking to expand its segment, and evidently entered into the health section.

As aforementioned, Xiaomi announced almost 25 million dollars investment with the top health care products maker, based in the US. iHealth Labs, according to Tech in Asia reports say, that its employees come from China’s Adon Health. And quotes,

The blood pressure monitor can be used on other Android devices, but it is best suited for Xiaomi smartphones.

The smartphone dock will go on sale in China exclusively via Xiaomi’s official site at CNY 199 (rough Rs. 2,000). You can measure blood pressure including both systolic and diastolic pressures, alongside tracking the heart rate of the user.

The report notes,

The dock includes an attached pad which is simply attached to a person’s arm, as happens in a hospital, to get things going. The app is then used to operate the device.

Translating to just US$32, Xiaomi says that however the B.P. monitor is better suited for its smartphones, and will apparently work on Android devices. OTG support is one feature that will be par required more. And the company also claims that this smartphone dock from Xiaomi is easy to use and is ideal for even elderly customers.

Notably, the results of blood pressure and the heart rate can also be shared with your family and friends via this companion app. Launch date for this smartphone health dock outside the country is unknown as yet.

About iHealth Labs in the past has launched a similar blood pressure dock for the iPhone. The blood pressure doc for iOS cost $79.95 (Rs. 5,000 approx), which would be more than the amount of Xiaomi’s new health dock pricing.

Xiaomi-iHealth-Heart-RateThe Xiaomi Facebook page now simply reads ‘Mi’, which is easier to remember word for consumers around the world. Head over to this FB page and grab your details now. Xiaomi had marked its first move to health-related gadgets back in July when the company launched its Mi Band all the way announcing its Mi4 smartphone.