Would You Like To Download Android APK Files Directly From Play Store [HOW]

Being an Android Smartphone and tablet users it’s surely is frustrating when being unable to download and install an application on your device from the Play Store unsuccessfully. Problematic situations are can be eradicated by this newly launched Android app. A developer has now created a tool that lets you get rid of this error message, called “APK Downloader” allows APK files to be pulled directly from the Play Store’s servers. Full details after this fold!

APK Downloader is a pretty useful tool that lets you pull an APK file directly from Google’s servers and side load it yourself. Best handy app!


How to Download APK Files from Google Play Store

Usually if there is a problem there will be a solution to fix it, and first and foremost APK Downloader is definitely not a tool that makes piracy possible. Web app is limited to apps that are only offered as a free-of-charge download on the Android store and the functionality and download abilities of this innovative app is awesome. APK Downloader only requires you to enter the package name for the app you desire (which you can find in the URL of the Web app on the direct Play Store, after “id= section”), and it will then generate a download link. Finally, makes the rest as easy as clicking a button.

For example: Entered (typed) free WhatsApp Android app has a package name of com.WhatsApp for Android. It’s this package name that is required by APK Downloader to generate a direct download link for the app’s APK file. Once the direct download link has been used and APK file has been achieved it is then possible to manually side-load the app onto the device and bypass the Play Store errors. Same did with the com.BBM.android earlier.

How to Download APK Files from Google Play Store
Note: Installing an APK manually to bypass these requirements could potentially harm or cause problems going forward. Literally, APK Downloader tool can prove vital when all else fails. You can use any File Manager app to copy these files from the computer to your Android device and then touch the .apk file to install, or sideload, the corresponding app on your device.

In order to get APK Downloader – head over to official website by pointing your browser to: apps.evozi.com/apk-downloader/ and try the service out for yourself, but before you try it on take caution when messing with the Android system. At your own risk factor, you’ve been warned!