World’s Largest Selfie Captured By Nokia Lumia 730 With 5MP Front-Facing Camera


Made exclusively for selfies is the official tagline of the Nokia Lumia 730 Dual SIM. Captures live up to that Microsoft (in collaboration with Coca Cola) used its mid-range Windows Phone offering to set a world record for most people captured in a single selfie.

In fact it snapped a group shot of at least 1,151 people, captured by only a 5-megapixel camera of the Lumia 730. In Bangladesh, the photo shoot was made with participants required to sign in to keep track of just how many were there.

Record breaking capture taken by the Lumia 730 and according to Guinness previous selfie-focused records include Ellen DeGeneres’ most re-tweeted Oscar selfies and the biggest selfie chain of – 279 people standing in line and taking selfies.

Microsoft is however waiting for an official confirmation from Guinness on this record though. Lava, in an attempt recently made to beat the selfie chain record with around 1,000 people snapping selfies in a line using the Lava Iris X5. Record that hasn’t been confirmed as yet either.

Thoughts: The Lumia 730 was specifically selected because of its 5MP front-facing camera, which has earned it the nick-name “the selfie phone”. With this new record, as per the Guinness World Record – no previous one had been entered in regards to most people in a single selfie-photo using a slfie-focused smartphone.

With this in line, Microsoft sets a new world record for most people in a selfie. Next what? Stay tuned!

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