With IPA God on iPhone iOS 4.1 & 4.2 Install Cracked Applications Without Jailbreaking iOS

iPA God, which is an iPhone App created by an iPhone Hacker. This iPA God app allows you and me to easily install cracked iPhone Apps without Jailbreaking the iPhone or any iDevices.The amazing thing is that this iPA God doesn’t use any new exploit, but it just uses the method created by Apple for Developers to Share their applications for Beta testing over the Internet.

iPAGod App

This iPAGod app lets or allows you to install the Cracked Apps on the iPhone iOS 4.1 and as well as on the recently released iOS 4.2 Beta too. This app is in Beta testing, so it is yet to be released to the public and as per iPAGod app Developer it can cost around $20. Here is the Demo Video of iPA God, so that you can see it right from here.

Many are not going to believe that how one can install iPA God app, which is an Cracked app as Apple is not going to allow this in Apple App Store. Well as per Developer this app will be available for Download from their Website.

What Most iPhone Users are thinking and searching for – They are searching for Jailbreak applications on the Internet to Jailbreak their iPhone , iPod Touch or Even iPad. What for? to install cracked applications, because there is no way to install these cracked applications on iPhone, when your iPhone is not Jailbroken and which is an illegal to Apple. More than 70% of iPhone users are jailbreaking their iPhones just to install Cracked Applications. At last this turned out in Apple’s favor and now this Jailbreaking is Completely Legal.

Jailbreaking your iPhone may void Warranty and this is app “iPAGod” which was created by an iPhone Hacker, you can install Cracked Applications without Jailbreaking your iPhone or Voiding Warranty too. For more information about iPAGod can be found in Official Twitter Account.

Apple may figure out this exploit issue soon and addresses the issue with a Software fix or Block method on which iPAGod works and pleases keep in mind Cydia is not created to promote piracy and all iPhone Hackers are strongly framing Cydia as door to Piracy.