With Android Notifier App Get Phone Calls, SMS, MMS Notifications on PC, Mac, Linux Desktop

Android Notifier is an Android App and also a Desktop Application, which is built using Java and lets you receive notifications, right on your own PC, Mac, and Linux Desktop. This Android Notifier works seamlessly on a veriety of Operating Systems. If you are an Android Phone or Handset users, then you are going to love, enjoy this Multi-platform Client”Android Notifier”.

If you are willing to pull notifications to your Desktop, then you must first install this Android Notifier app on your Android Applications section and Android Notifier (Desktop Application) on your PC or Mac. Android Phone for Desktop notification setup is very easy and just requires a WiFi or Bluetooth based Connections to network or Computer.

As for Bluetooth based connection, you need to have Android 2.0 or higher OS running on your Phone. This Android Notifier also allows you to configure to have growl notifications too, and if you are a fan of it.

Android Notifier Features are as follows:

* Recieves notifications through WiFi

* Through Bluetooth it recieves notifications

* Using default ballons this Android Notifier shows notifications

* While using Growl or any other program compatible with the GNTP Protocol, it show notifications

* This App supports Device pairing

* Android Notifier also support Windows “run to login”

* It can copy notification descriptions to the Clipboard

* When notifications arrive, we can execute commands

Android Notifier Running

This was all about the Android Notifier App on Android Phone and now know about Android Notifier on Desktop with pictures:

Android Desktop Notifier Screen Shot

Android Notifier  Growl Notification:

Android Notifier Growl Notification

As this Android Notifier is also going to plan an USB Mode support to communicate for notification and where this app is still is under development and it will be arrive soon.

Download Android Notifier
Download Android Notifier Desktop Application

How to install Android Notifier Bluetooth Method :

Important – This Bluetooth Method only supported by Android 2.0 or higher, as Bluetooth API is not being accessible in older versions. If if you want to check, which is your Android Version you have please, go to Settings > About Phone > Firmware Version and if it is less than 2.0, you just ignore using Bluetooth Method and go for WiFi method .

* Install and run this Android Notifier App from the Android Market

* Now install and run the Desktop app for your OS( Mac, Wndows, Linux ), which you already downloaded

* Ensure that the Android Device is paired with your Desktop. If ot please, Settings > WiFi and Networks > Bluetooth Settings on Android.

* Now enable the Bluetooth notification method on the android app’s settings

* Now open Bluetooth Options in the Android app’s settings

* Enable the Bluetooth notifications method on the Desktop app’s settings

* The desktop app will listen to and start displaying events from the android app – try making your phone ring, or sending additional test notifications.

* Now you can Exit the Android App and the Notification service will be running in the Background by default.

If you want to know more about Android Notifier installtion through WiFi method please visit.