WinRAR Archiver – Download Best Mac OS X RAR 4.0 Extraction Utility

WinRAR  for Mac OS X RAR 4.0 Extractor/Compression Utility – Grab Information on this RAR Extraction Utility for OS X Lion 1.7 . Download the Best of solid Compression Utilities called “WinRAR 4.0” for Mac Download. You can have many, i mean plenty of RAR Comression and Extraction  Utilities available on the Web for Mac OS X Lion and Windows 7.

WinRAR 4.0 for Mac

Also check those Best RAR Expander for Mac, which Extracts Files contained in RAR Archives, and about UnRarX will be another OS X RAR Extraction Utility available out there. But, today we will talk about this WinRAR for Mac.

WinRAR 4.0 for Mac OS X

This WinRAR is easy to use, flexible and lightweight. An intuitive interface lets you mouse over icons to see their functions and if you don’t like their candy-coated appearance, you can always choose from several themes at the developer’s site. The Folder Tree Panel, a recent addition to the interface, makes sifting through your directories to find files for archiving easier than ever.

After seeing the Size savings of a RAR archive (with Compression ratio of 8 percent to 15 percent) compared to ZIP Format, you can be able to understand why so many users like me and Developers are not switching to other Compression applications/Utilities.

How to Use WinRAR on Mac or Windows 7:

Not only RAR Format archive can be UnRAR by WinRAR, but offers unpacking support for a large number of archive formats, including ACE, BZ2, JAR, ISO, and ZIP too. This WinRAR’s Unicode support for International Formatting is an Advanced Feature includes Embedded file comments, Reapir of Damaged archives, archive locking, self-extracting archives, and very easy make encryption and many more in One WinRAR Extracter, means All-in-One Archiving solution.

File compression and archiving utility.Compatible with popular file formats including zip format, gzip format, tar format, WinZip formats, cabs and jars.Fast, efficient, small file sizes and easy to use.

Download WinRAR 4.0 for Mac OS X Lion

Download WinRAR 3.2 for Windows 7/Linux