Windows Phone 8 Update 3 Now Brings Support For 1080p Displays, Driving Mode and Much More

Microsoft has officially announced an over-the-air Windows Phone 8 Update 3 (OTA) for its existing Windows Phone handsets in the months ahead. With a big announcement, the Redmond software maker come through for its own smartphone platform, and today, Microsoft has unveiled the details of Update 3 for Windows Phone 8. With the support for 1080p displays and quad-core processor, included in the WP8 Update 3. Tow other features that have become the de facto standard for high-end handsets, and with new Driving Mode also included into the mix, the future is now becoming brighter for the ecosystem.

This will be the major key update for the Windows Phonne 8 operating system, offering a number of enhancements and new features, including support for larger displays at full 1080p HD resolution, more Live Tiles available on larger start screen and user configurable drive mode settings. Roll out should literally beneficial for users of recent flagship devices like Nokia Lumia 1020 and 925. Importantly, the Update 3 also offers an OS platform for growth with more powerful SoC architectures in the future.


Microsoft having recently acquired Nokia’s products and services division, so, we’re going to be seeing Nokia, HTC and indeed Microsoft itself coming through with top-end Windows Phone devices than we’ve seen in the past. Microsoft is officially getting into the ‘Phablet’ arena with this release, however, the new OS is going to support the 5-and 6-inch class handsets with support for resolutions up to 1920 x 1080p. Believe it or not, Nokia is apparently planning to build a Windows 8 RT tablets, but it appears that Microsoft partners will be straddling the line with extra large smartphones.

The support for larger displays however is the key feature of the new update, for many smartphone users, at least those on Android, will have become accustomed to a full-HD panel in their pocket. The Start screen should also gets benefit from the update, aside with stock apps will immediately benefit from the high-resolution support.

Additionally, this Windows Phone 8 update will offer a user-customizable Driving Mode setting where you can limit incoming calls and or text messages while driving. The system is purely Bluetooth activated, paired with your phone, Driving Mode will be engaged. Speaking of Bluetooth, Microsoft has also teamed up Bluetooth pairing with its WiFi hotspot functionality. Once a Windows Phone 8 is paired to a Windows 8 PC or tablet, you have to just tap the secure hotspot WiFi connection without any need a a network passcode. You’ll then connected to it automatically.


The Lumia 1520 looks set to blow everything with a reported 1080×1920 display, Snapdragon 800 SoC, 2GB of RAM, and 32GB of internal storage space, extra microSD card slot. The update all-but confirms the existence of the new Nokia Lumia 1520. Phablet!

With a 20-megapixel camera also speculated, the device is rumored will likely gets the show-piece of the new software update. The update should be hitting WP8 Handsets over the course of the next month. Updated here, soon, be informed if any more news pertaining Windows Phone 8. (Source: Microsoft)