Windows 8 Tablet – Samsung Developer Win8 Tablet Revealed – Video

Samsung Windows 8 Tablet Unveiled – We have already seen the leaked Photos of Samsung Windows 8 Tablet in the past. But, Microsoft Officially revealed this Windows 8 Tablet manufactured by Samsung at Microsoft BUILD Conference .

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Samsung Windows 8 Tablet at Microsoft BUILD conference

You and me are not going to Grab that Samsung’s Windows 8 Tablet, because it is a Develop Only Tablet. Know about What Microsoft Describes as an early Build of Windows 8:

This Samsung Windows 8 Tablet is powered with an Intel i5 Core Processor and this Win8 Tablet features an 11.6-inch Multi-touch Touchscreen Display with Integrated 4G of RAM and Inbuilt Solid 64GB State Drive. This Samsung Windows 8 Tablet display resolution will be 1366 x 768 Pixels. Going to the Windows 8 Tablet features and Specifications, includes 802.11n WiFi Connectivity, 3G Connectivity, a MicroSD Card Slot, HDMI Jack, and USB port.

Grab Samsung Windows 8 Tablet in coming days, currently not available to Grab Windows 8 Tablet, it is given only to Developers who attended BUILD.

Watch Video – Samsung Windows 8 Tablet Developer Preview: