Windows 8 Release Preview Announcement Coming “First Week Of June”

Here’s the actual news pulled out from the tweet from Japans Windows 8 Dev Days that the announcement of the Windows 8 Release Preview will be coming on first week of June. So, Microsoft will announce a “release preview” version of Windows 8 will be unveiled in the first week of June, the company announced this evening.

Steven Sinofsky the Microsoft’s President who made this statement dusring on-stage appearance at Japan’s Windows Dev Days and more uniquly on its Build Windows 8 Twitter feed. The next major installment of Win8 is due out in “the first week of June,” with the Windows 8 Release Preview to hit the intertubes at that time.

The release preview follows a beta and is the last stage before a product’s final version. The beta, or consumer preview. A recent report suggests that the final version of Windows 8 will launch this October.

This would be a big test for Microsoft Redmond-giant with Windows 8 operating system, which aims to unify Microsot’s flagship OS on the desktop and Win 8 Tablet.

Stay tuned to Grabi so that we can update something more about the Release Preview of Windows 8 OS which will be coming to announce its launch date and about the redesigned features.