Try Windows 8 Metro UI on iPad: How to with Splashtop Streamer (Remote Desktop)

Using Remote Desktop Splashtop Streamer:iPad 2 – How to Try Windows 8 Metro UI on Apple Tablet . Install Windows 8 Metro UI on iPad with Splashtop Streamer . Windows 8 Developer Preview:Download was released and half a Million times in its first 24 hours of being available for Download as Developer Preview Operating System (Win8).

ipad 2 Windows Metro UI Tablet

Windows 8:Metro UI Tiles that have awesome Features with Multi-touch Sensors, Drag and Drop Features and MANY MORE. AppAdvice has comeup with a Super-simple way to easily Try Windows 8:iPad Metro UI (Windows 8 kind of Surroundings on to the Apple’s iPad).

How to Try Windows 8 Metro UI on iPad – Microsoft + Apple

You Require:

* An Apple iPad 2 or iPad 1, Better to use iPad 2 for its Sleekness.

* Windows 8 Developer Preview

* Splashtop Remote Desktop:iPad (Currently at the time of writing at $4.99 and usual price is $19.99)

Steps – Follow this Guide in a Simple Way and Make Windows 8:iPad Metro UI

Step 1 – Download Win 8 : Install Windows 8 Developer Preview Microsoft onto a Computer or Virtual Machine

Step 2 – Download Splashtop Remote Desktop:iPad App (Purchase)

Step 3 – Now Install Splashtop Streamer:Windows 8 Machine or Install Streamer:Win 8 on Virtual Machine .

Step 4 – Now Splashtop Streamer:Setup from Windows 8 Machine and Enter Password for a Spot of Security.

Step 5 – Now Launch Splastop Remote Desktop for iPad:Select Windows 8 Machine

Step 6 – Now you can enjoy iPad:Windows 8 Metro UI (Metro UI on iPa d)

Watch Video: Windows 8 on iPad to get Metro UI on Apple Tablet

That’s it you have successfully Tried Windows 8 Metro UI on iPad is an Easy Setup . You can now enjoy the Windows 8 Gestures act as you had expect them on a Real Windows 8 Tablet. If you already have an iPad, this is a great way to try Windows 8 on a tablet. via

Important Note – The Smoothness of Trying Windows 8 Metro UI on iPad 2 will be not so much amazing and when installed on Virtual Machine Too.