Windows 8 CP Vs. iPad iOS 5: Head To Head Features Comparison [Video]

After Microsoft’s Windows 8 Consumer Preview was pushed out and made available for download, everyone had a chance to experience the company’s most awesome change in user interface since Windows 95. Likewise, it was always going to be compared squarely against the biggest, best and some would argue only real competition in the tablet market: the iPad 2.

The Windows 8 brought some amazing and revolutionary features such as, mouse-centric desktop to a touch-friendly, highly visual Metro Style UI, Multi-monitor 3D gaming and many more. While the older Start orb has been removed and replaced with a Charms bar, which is brought to life with an inward swipe from the right.

What Swipe feature actually makes, swipe from the top down dismisses the app you’re in and returns you to the home screen, and the left and bottom edges also have actions associated with them. Gestures play a very significant role in Windows 8, but they’re only one aspect of a truly gargantuan list of changes.

While with the iPad 3 on the horizon, comparing an unreleased version of an operating system in Windows 8 against what will soon be last year’s Apple tablet may seem a little strange. Well in some areas atleast, Windows 8 still lags behind the iPad, even when we see the upgraded hardware and other software enhancements come alongside it.

The Microsoft’s Windows Consumer Preview is still in beta stage, The Verge had compared it with the Apple’s iPad, the incumbent leader in the tablet space Microsoft is seeking to become a player in. iOS 5 and Windows 8 share a few similarities, but the user experience is fundamentally different and informed by different interaction metaphors.

When you see the comparison video of Windows 8 Consumer Preview and iPad running iOS 5, at the end, the Windows 8 tablet shows its true colors, and which are particularly worrying. While we acknowledge that this is still an early release of Windows 8, the sight of an old Windows desktop appearing at one point, complete with opened windows that seemed to have a mind of their own, is somewhat of a concern.

While the Windows 8 tablet experience very much depends on Metro being where the user lives.  If Microsoft couldn’t make that mistake all over again, thenwe are back to the bad old days of Tablet PCs.

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