Windows 8 Consumer Preview Registry References “Professional Plus” Edition And Shows Nine Other Flavors

The references of Windows 8 can be found in the registry of the recently released Consumer Preview which shows “Professional Plus” edition. Microsoft’s Windows 8 Consumer Preview which is a new version of Windows 8, adding the tech redmond’s long list of existing Windows SKUs.

As said you can be able to find, as noted by windows 8 beta the registry contains the keys for all current versions of the OS. The first time Microsoft has used such naming for its operating system software. Office 2010 introduced the idea of a Professional Plus edition, and here’s the following list which could be making its way to Windows along with these SKUs:

* Windows 8 Starter edition
* Windows 8 Home Basic Edition
* Windows 8 Home Premium edition
* Windows 8 Professional edition
* Windows 8 Professional Plus edition
* Windows 8 Enterprise Edition
* Windows 8 Ultimate edition
* Windows 8 ARM edition

Interesting to note the addition of Professional Plus. Office 2010 Pro Plus adds in extra integration with Sharepoint and Office Communications Server, leaving us to wonder if this flavor of Windows 8 won’t offer some similar collaborative tools.

We were aware of Windows 8 ARM would be released, but seeing Windows 8 professional plus in the list was definitely a surprise. Microsoft may be scaling back its long list of SKU selection for Windows 8 to just standard, Professional, and Enterprise installs.

We have no idea about what Professional Plus will be bringing as it is not referenced in the Windows 7 registry. But, Microsoft’s own registry references are to be believed, referencing eight separate editions of Windows 8. Stay tuned to Grabi to grab more detailed information. Via