Windows 8.1 Final Is Ready, General Availability Penned Down For October 18th

A few days ago we heard that the Windows 8.1 RTM had been finalized and now officially confirmed that the process has begun and today, Microsoft announced that Windows 8.1 has been finally completed and seeded to manufacturers. Now being issued with licenses to pre-install the software, which appears to be running tidily to schedule. New devices and machines bundled with Windows 8.1 will become available from October 18th.

Unfortunately, the MSDN and TechNet subscribers aren’t getting an early peek anyhow. Patience is the name of the Windows 8.1 tremor for now. Microsoft, whenever its planning to point on a new Windows release, there’s always a bit of a to-do, but since Windows 8.1, just dropped after Windows 8 a year back, is less drastic update in light of the company’s new aarrangement for release cycles.

Although the return of the Start button could be a subject of much relief to many million users of Windows, the October release date cannot come soon enough, and with IFA in Berlin on September 4th, set to showcase a slew of new, Windows 8.1-enabled devices. Now that Microsoft will be certainly anticipating strong enough adaptation rates once again.

Microsoft didn’t made up with Windows 8 launch, but this second attempt of the updated version of Windows 8.1 really matters for the tablet market. Windows 8.1, with its favorable alterations and enhancements, has the opportunity to put this right.

Now, Windows 8.1 is a sufficiently large update to Windows 8, and is paired with a strong crop of new hardware from admittedly annoyed OEMs, Microsoft might slow the decline of the PC market, if not, declines will not reliable, and the Windows division will continue to cede leadership inside of Redmond company.

If Windows 8.1 can move on tablets, Microsoft can sell more copies of Windows, even as laptop and desktop sales fall. It could also bring Microsoft growing market share in the tablet market. Keep that in mind, Microsoft calls Windows 8.1 a “significant update”, and the company is proud of the speed with which it built the new operating system version.

Note: Those who already running Windows 8 on their PCs are offered a free update for Windows 8.1 though, with a little over six weeks between now and then, it won’t be long enough until users can officially be reunited with the Start button. Key feature include new apps – notably Internet Explorer 11 – more versatile hardware support, and a significantly tweaked Start screen.

The released date is slated as October 18th, and likely that Windows 8.1 could hit the Windows store the day before, on October 17th. Now official!