Windows 7 App Launcher: Run Programs By Creating Shortcuts From Taskbar

When you are working with Windows 7 OS, it is likely that you use your computer for a number of different tasks. Windows 7 App Launcher can save your time by enabling you to create shortcuts that can be used to launch multiple programs simultaneously. If you don’t want the Quick Launch toolbar cluttering up your Taskbar, a freeware utility can pin folders there for you.

Windows 7 App Launcher can be used as a desktop gadget, essentially providing you with an alternative to the Start menu when it comes to launching applications, but it is in its multi-app launching mode that it is most useful. While the app is undoubtedly useful, it can take some time to configure the various profiles you might need to turn it into an essential utility, but it is time well spent – you just need to try to cater for every circumstance.

Used with Windows, Windows 7 App Launcher makes great use of thumbnail previews. Hover your mouse over the taskbar button and you can use the popup that appears to navigate through and activate any of the various profiles you have set up. A Taskbar Items Pinner, a free utility that lets you add files, folders, Websites, menus, and other goodies to the Windows 7 Taskbar.

After downloading this tiny app, make sure to run it as an administrator (by right-clicking the icon and choosing Run as administrator). Then just click the box next to any item you want to pin. If it’s a file or folder, click the button next to Path, choose File or Folder, then navigate to the item you want. (Alternately, you can type in a Web address.)

Now head over to Create New Profile.

Now for the only tricky part: In the Icon field, type %SystemRoot%\system32\SHELL32.dll, then enter a number in the adjoining field (3 for a folder, 13 for a Web shortcut–you’ll have to experiment to find others). Finally, click Add Item and you’re done.

Windows App Launcher makes it easy to launch applications in batch mode without need to go through processes of creating a batch script. But, its not stable yet, still in beta, supports all the 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows 7 Operating systems. For more details please head over to the link given here.

Download Windows 7 App Launcher  [DeviantArt official site link]