Why Don’t Install iOS 8 On Your iPhone 4s As Yet

Apple has finally made it available so that iOS 8, which goes out to public today and work on iPhones reaching all the way back to the vulnerable 4s. Good! But according to Ars Technico found-out a hard way, subjecting that your old iPhone to the new software may not be worth it. Yet least not as yet. Why? Full details described below!

Donot-Put-iOS8-on-iPhone-4SThe iPhone 4S, which will be the first device hit the stores nearly three years ago, and think about the software designed for its bigger, younger siblings (iPhone 5s, 5c and now the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus). The 4s doesn’t gonna support the hardware which iOS 8’s biggest features, like Touch ID, AirDrop, and the Metal graphics API for instance.

The source also points out that the smartphone’s guts offer about a quarter of the performance of the iPhone 5s, and a smaller fraction compared to the newest iPhone 6. App s launch more slowly….sometimes taking 50% longer to load – with a disturbed transitions that hang and hesitate.

After the iPhone 4 which never going to support iOS 8 on it, the 4S was the last from Apple’s phone with a 3.5-inch screen. But everything gone bigger in the future, including iPhones, and the added rows of buttons and bars that appear in many iOS 8 apps grab out valuable screen real-estate on the great iPhone.

Nevertheless, you’ll be glad to download the brand new iOS on your brand old iPhone. By doing that you’ll get a lot of goodies like flesky keyboard, third-party apps and fun widgets. New features like widgets and alternate keyboards are nice, but not at the cost of so much screen space and speed.

What next? At the very least, just wait a while; there’s a good chance iOS 8.1 will do more to bring older devices along for the street.

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