White iPhone 4S appeared in AT&T Inventory Database – Real or Fake

White iPhone 4S was added to the AT&T’s Internal “Inventory System”, according to the Engadget. Claims that upon looking the Screen shot below (Embedded), we are here to notice that there are couple of devices taht seems to be strange and what are they:

iPhone 4S White appeared on AT&T Inventory System

1st Point – It’s listed without a capital “S” as an “iPhone 4s” and if the past is any indication of the future, Apple would certainly capitalize the “S”.

2nd Point – Where the listing do not include the capacity of the “iPhone 4S”

3rd Point – The drop down “model version” list still lists the iPhone 3G however, it doesn’t list the iPhone 3GS.

4th Point – Why they had not listed the Black iPhone 4S in the Inventory System

5th Point – This might not to be an AT&T’s Inventory System.

May be somebody wants to fake things which are not yet announced by Apple and either this is a mistake done by AT&T Inventory System or it is not an AT&T’s Inventory System. Do not think deep into this, waiting for some more time for Apple to Announce iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S will be the better part we can do. via