WhatsApp on iPod Touch 4G Download and Install – How to with IM Capability

Download & Install WhatsApp on iPod Touch 4G – How to Download WhatsApp and How to Install WhatsApp On iPod Touch 4G . Actually, WhatsApp is one of the Popular Instant Messaging App (Cross-Platform), that is used on Several Smartphones of Nokia, Android, Apple iOS Devices and other Mobile Phones too.

Download/Install WhatsApp on iPod Touch 4G - How to

This WhatsApp on iPhone 4 by default supports Instant Messaging, but not available for iPad and iPod Touch. Earlier we posted an article on How to Run WhatsApp on iPad , using the same method we can Install WhatsApp on iPod Touch 4G and also Use this SMS app for Instant Messaging on iPod Touch 4G.

Important Note – This method on WhatsApp Installlation on iPod Touch 4G is tested, but not on other iPod Touch devices.

Keep in Mind – First of All Jailbreak iPod Touch, in order to Install WhatsApp on iPod Touch 4G. WhatsApp is not officially available from iPod Touch Store, but you have to install WhatsApp manually.

How to Download/Install WhatsApp on iPod Touch 4G – Steps

Step 1 – Download and install iPhone Configuration Utility, a business-oriented tool provided by Apple that allows devices to be easily customized.

* iPhone Configuration Utility for Windows
* iPhone Configuration Utility for Mac

Step 2 – Search “WhatsApp Messenger” from the iTunes and Download it or get it from HERE .

Step 3 – Now Launch iPhone Configuration Utility, that you already installed. Now from the Hand-hand-side select your iPod Touch and Navigate over to “Applicatuions” Tab.

Step 4 – Click on “Add IPA” and navigate select the WhatsApp file you downloaded earlier, which should be placed under iTunes Media > Mobile Applications. You can also drag the WhatsApp file from the iTunes to your Computer Desktop, then you can point iPhone Configuration Utility.

Step 5 – Once the right IPA is selected, simply scroll down and hit “Install”. In a matter of seconds, WhatsApp should be installed on your iPod touch.

How to get WhatsApp on iPod Touch 4G Work:

* Simply Launcg Cydia from your Jailbroken iPod Touch 4G and lookup for “WhatsPad”. Install the first result, which should be from the BigBoss repository and its free. Simply reboot your iPod touch after the install.

That’s it you have successfully Installed WhatsApp on iPod Touch 4G, and works similar to WhatsApp on iPhone, but will need a WiFi Connection all the Time to send Instant Messaging.

iPod Touch 4G Install WhatsApp

Important – you’ll need to enter a 3-digit activation PIN, therefore keep in mind that since it’s a one time process, so you would need a cellphone with text message receiving capabilities. So that you can Input the Phone Number in WhatsApp on your iPod Touch 4G and a 3-digit PIN number (passcode) will be Sent to you. via