WhatsApp For Windows Phone Updated, Now Adds Full Group Chat Support

WhatsApp team is now looking foward by adding more functions and constantly improving their WhatsApp for Windows Phone app, since it was released. Details after the jump!

The team has pushed an Update to its WhatsApp for WP7 device app to version 1.5 includes the full group chatting support and wanted improvements as well, so that you can now create and modify group chats, hyperlinks in chat pages, and you are now able to delete large conversations and many more added.

The application has saw the major update which has been bumped to WhatsApp v1.5 for Windows Phone, including the proper support for chat conversations.

WhatsApp is actually a cross-platform Messenger for all mobile platforms introduced for Android, Nokia, Apple iOS, BlackBerry OS and few months ago released for Windows Phone 7 handsets.

The previous version of WhatsApp for Windows Phone version supported group chats, but only when anyone invited to a conversation. The latest version 1.5 allows Windows Phone users to easily create and modify group chat conversations as said above, which was missing till now.

Other changes:

* Able to delete large conversations
* Faster insertion and removal of messages to and from local storage
* Faster creation of favorite

Other improvements include the ability to delete large conversations, faster insertion and removal of messages and speedier creation of favorites. WhatsApp Windows Phone app still lacking the polish over its iOS and Android rivals. However, updateing slowly but can reach soon with all the features set of WhatsApp across each mobile operating systems. In the future update, we could get a connection status indicator and some additional bug fixes, then Windows Phone WhatsApp app would blow some crackers.

You can grab this application for WP7 handsets if you haven’t yet got:

Download WhatsApp v1.5 for Windows Phone [Marketplace link]