What’s the Difference The iPhone 4S IR Camera Filter Makes [Video]

Apple has launched the iPhone 4S with an infrared filter to improve the color quailty in the Photographs. But what’s new in the practical effects when performing?

IR Filter on iPhone 4S Camera

Here’s the way to check-out the difference the iPhone 4S Camera’s newly embedded infrared (IR) filter performs. Much more accurate color and the elimination of the reddish tint that plagues so many iPhone photos.

Here’s the answer from the Camera Technia, with a great overview about how infrared affects image quality, and why Apple’s IR Filter leads to so much higher quality Photos, Chech it out:

When IR light is allowed to pass through to the sensor, the IR light contaminates the channels (mostly the red channel) with information that was not visible in the original scene. The result is an image with a color cast. The images below show the impact of IR contamination on a scene with a dark background. The iPhone 4 image shows a reddish cast due to the extra IR light recorded on the red channel. The 4S image shows a background which much more closely resembles the original scene.

Watch Video on Why This sort of filter is especially important for the iPhone 4S: