What Actually Jolla Is Going To Announce On November 19, Something Big!


Although Jolla might not be a huge smartphone maker in the market but no-doubt grabs some of the serious amount of attention because of its Sailfish OS. Made up of former Nokia employees and uses Nokia and Intel’s old MeeGo OS.

It got only one Sailfish-powered Jolla smartphone. Now, it has teased on Twitter and its official website about “Something BIG is about to begin” November 19. What is the surprise? How far the company is going to wrap off?

The teaser however has a counter leading up to the date and what exactly looks like is the edge of some device which we can only guess will be either a new Jolla smartphone or, judging by the BIG in the teaser, a phablet or tablet running Sailfish OS.

Another point to be noted according to the Jolla’s teaser is that the next and new hardware design will be different that we can conclude for now. Stay tuned!