WeChat For iPhone And Android Update Gets Recall Messaging Feature

One of the best free messaging and calling app, WeChat has started rolling out its latest feature that lets you recall last messages sent on Android and iPhone. Messages can now be unsend within two minutes after they are sent away. Great!

Wechat-App-a-Social-Media-AppWeChat is a revolutionary edge of social media, allows you to easily connect with your family, friends and others across countries, and its been the best communication app that takes to sit on the top of communities. Compatible with all the five operating systems available in India such as- iPhone, Windows, Blackberry, Symbian & Android.

The WeChat app features live chatting, group chatting, video calling & video and picture sharing, chat facility and more available for free on Google Play. Now, that app has been updated its ecosystem and introduced us with its new recall messages feature.

In irder to recall messages, you’ll only need to tap on the messages and select recall option and your SMS text message will disappear from both the chat screen as well as on the recipent’s. Not only chat messages are recalled, the feature also suports photos as well.

With the update version 5.3.1, WeChat brings Tags for contacts support, that eventually lets you manage your contacts. You can also add tags like BBF, co-workers, family in order to find contacts easily like n Facebook and WhatsApp.

The update also allows you save messages in one bundle, so that you can easily and quickly view them without browsing them through the individual messages. To save them, long press on multiple messages and tap on ‘Favorite Message’ icon. That’s it!

WeChat Now Lets You Recall Sent MessagesFinally, WeChat also gets a new optimized UI, allows easy sliding between your favorite features and seamlessly use the upgraded search bar. Recently, WeChat added a real time location sharing and message translation to its Android app.

You can now download and update iPhone app and Android WeChat app right from here!