Apple To Live Stream WWDC June 2, 2014 Keynote On iOS, OS X, Windows And Apple TV

Officially announced that Apple will live stream its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2014 on June 2nd and we’ll see the company unveil some new hardware along the perceived formality of OS X 10.10 and iOS 8. Just announced that the initial unveil show-piece will be streamed live to those on Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple TV.

The keynote will begin at 10:00AM PT or 1:00PM ET. Streaming video requires Safari 4 or later on Mac OS X v10.6 or later; Safari on iOS 4.2 or later, or QuickTime 7 on Windows. Streaming on Apple TV requires second-gen or third-generation ATV with software 5.0.2 or later running. Although we don’t know precisely what’s in store just yet, we can’t wait for Tim Cook and co. to tell all.

Both iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 will be among the products revealed at next week’s address. The mobile software is expected to show off a series of new apps including a Healthbook app, Tips app and dedicated iTunes Radio app, alongside some enhancements to existing services like Siri and Maps. While OS X 10.10, is expected to follow the lead of last year’s iOS 7 esque in offering a cleaner, flatter design overhaul.

New hardware to be unveiled. A Retina MacBook Air seems most likely, with the likes of the iMac, Mac mini and Thunderbolt Display also plausible candidates for improvement, and with some even touting a 4th-gen Apple TV, also on heck of an event on our hands.


2014′s Worldwide Developers Conference is no exception, so we require some minimum requirements if you wish to follow all of the action. WWDC keynote is usually made available to those on Mac, Apple TV or widely an iOS device. Notably, Mac users will need to be running on Safari 4 or newer, and the iOS devices requires iOS 4.2 or higher.

Most importantly, as aforementioned – Windows users can also get in on the action, streamlined with the requirement of QuickTime 7 installed on their PC.

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