Want To Get iWork For Free On Older Mac Systems [How-To]

A couple of days ago Apple has officially announced the updated versions iLife and iWork suite of apps, consists of Keynote, Pages and Number will be available free with any new OS X systems. Users with older version of Mac computers aren’t able to take advantage of this deal. No worry, here we got the best opportunity (clever loophole”, that allows older Macs to get the iWork suite for free. Full details after this fold!

Trick is tipped by a Redditor, which requires a litle bit of effort – obviously hardwork than just downloading and installing the iWork apps, finally, worthy for those users who have been eagerly waiting for the suite of apps for some time.

How To Get iWork For Free On Older Macs

Those old computer systems that don’t have iWork installed previously can now follow these simple steps. Before you begin, make sure that app installation permissions are set: Go to System Preferences -> Security -> General and now allow downloaded apps from Enywhere.

Step 1: Download a free trial version of iWork’ 09. Visit this Softpedia link here!

Step 2: Click Download, and then click on External Mirror 1 on the aforementioned site.

Step 3: Once downloaded. Double-click on that download file, which will open up a window with a couple of files inside.

Step 4: Now, install iWork ’09 Trial (by double-clicking) and follow the complete instructions.

Step 5: Once installed, close the install windows and wait up to your Mac to recognize the newly-installed apps. Next!

Step 6: Open up the App Store app and click on the Updates tab on the top of the navigation bar. You should see updates for Pages, Numbers and Keynote.


Step 7: Don’t see any updates for these applications, then, close the App Store and wait for some time before opening it back again.

Once updates for those apps appear, simply click Update next to each one to download the latest versions. One successfully, you’ll be seeing to have the new version of iWork suite installed on your old OS X Macs without spending a single pie (which would actually costs $20 a piece). Now its free of charge!

Note: The above step-to-step guide for only older version of Mac systems like Snow Leopard and Mountain Lion, and you don’t need to try it on OS X 10.9 Mavericks, in order cto take advantage of this tricky way. Enjoy iWork suite for free!