Wanna Get 5 Best Galaxy S4 Features On Your iPhone Alternatively [How-to Tutorial]

As you all are aware of Samsung’s Galaxy S IV announcement, introduced an awesome Android smartphone with some great features. For iPhone, next upcoming one, we’ll be thinking about a killer apps like camera, NFC battery, 4G LTE and on. Before we go into the rumored iPhone 5S features, we, today talk about some Samsung Galaxy S4 features, which can be installed on your iPhone. Here’s how to guide, check it after the break!

According to Lisa Eadicicco writers in the LaptopMag, the toutorial on how you can get some of the coolest Galaxy S4 features on your iPhone. Yes! I mean, it’s all about the best apps, just gear up, fire up your iTunes window and ready your iDevice store as you begin this journey.


Note: All the apps and features on Galaxy S IV (S4) are not same as on the Samsung upcoming device, but all of those are alternatives to Galaxy S4 smartphone features. Liker Photo Reader, Dual-Shot, Group Play, Jukebox Hero, Devide, S Translator and many more.

Top 5 Best Samsung Galaxy S4 features on iPhone:

1. Photo Reader – The south Korean comapny’s Samsung Galaxy range phones has often been credited when it comes to media stuff. Such as the Galaxy S4 which integrated with some spectacular features, like Photo Reader. Though, it isn’t a new concept but the implementation is pretty clean. When talking about transfering details from a physical business card to your phone, S4 have the new feature, that captures the card and let the phone do rest of the work. That’s is what this new PhotoReader works.

On iPhone, now you can have it as the best alternative to Photo Reader, called CamCardFree. Does almost the same things that S4’s Photo Reader does. Download CamCardFree as an iOS alternative right away.

2. DualShot – This is yet another awesome feature seen on Galaxy S4 smartphone. I don’t think many are aware of such ability, but however, Samsung has brought it into light as a mainstream. How interesting is DualShot? Now, you’ll be to take pictures and shoot videos using both the rea and front-facing camera at the same time. Great!

For iOS devices, an alternative to DualShot arrived as DuoCam from Appvetica. But not much powerful as the aforementioned S4’s, nor your iPhone’s camera isn’t all that cool either. Not in competition to Samsung’s 13-megapixel Galaxy S4’s rear and 2MP froint camera. Try it yourself, downloading DuoCam on your iPhone.

3. Group Play: App Factory Jukebox Hero – Although the newly announced Galaxy S4 comes wiuth a buyilt-in feature that lets you share content from your phone with those arround you. Group Play is one of such S-features that are being overplayed. Essentially, Galaxy smartphone owners within close proximity can share content over a private network, almost allowing them to stream the same song at the same time or participate in mobile games alltogether. Being a private network protocol, Group Play lets you share with other Galaxy devices users. So, how you would like to get this feature on your iPhones?

With an iOS alternative – App Factory’s Jukebox Hero you can experience that S4 feature, which creates a similar musical joy on the iPhone with its Jukebox App, that lets users create their own “jukebox” or join someone else’s as a remote. And if you’re looking for a substitute for Group Play for iPhone, then Jukebox Hero is here, lets you share more than music, means you can share playlists with friends or other listeners and play the same song at the same time. But the drawback is that this app doesn’t let you share content through NFC-like Group Play does, but can still participate in a communal playlsit and share music libraries. Download Jukebox Hero from here!

4. Samsung Knox Vs Enterproid Devide – All about BOYD culture, Samsung Knox is purely based and specifically aimed to Bring Your Own Device movement, which is now catching on in the enterprise world. Now major smartphone manufacturers are begenning to implement thier own solutions on their new flagship products. Knox is aimed to help deviding your smartphone into two parts – one with your personal stuff and the other with company stuff.

Like BlackBerry Balance, Samsung Knox seperates your phone into two. The reason behind this seperation (BYOD) is completely siloid work and personal environments so companies doesn’t have to issue an additional device for enterprise purposes. Administartors with tjis feature are able to access the work-related section of the phone only, while users cannot copy data like contacts from one environment to another.

For iOS and Android, Enterproid’s Devide app also keeps your professional and personal life seperate, like Samsung Knox on Galaxy S4. Enterproid has been out since 2010, but its Devide app just launched for iOS during the second half of 2012 after debuting on Android. Now available as Samsung Knox alternative for iPhone. Download it from here!

5. S Translate: Mail Translator / Google Translator – The most interesting feature on newly announced Galaxy S IV would be the S Translator app, which converts emails, SMS text messages and ChatOn IMs from nine different languages to your native speach. With that app you can also speak or type directly into the app to translate text to speach. On iPhone, iPad or iPod touch devices, you would have to download a seperate translate app from the iTunes. However, there are tons of translation apps out there available for iOS devices, but not as a built-in feature.

Now, an alternative to S Translator app arrived as Google Translate and yet another one called Piet Jonas’s free Mail Translator app lets you convert emails into 56 different launguages, which is a new way have more languages than S Translator supports. While the Google Translator app boasts text and speech translation in 60 different languages all around. Try this!

This isn’t it, we will publish more and more alternatives to Galaxy S4 featured apps in the future for your iPhone 4. 4S, or iPhone 5, and iPad 2/3/4 and iPod touch 5G. Stay tuned!