Vsenn Will Be The First Modular Smartphone To Compete With Project Era

Google finally getting a rival to its Project Ara recreation. Vsenn is one of the Finnish startup allows for design customization, and for only three hardware modules it allow you to swap out, such as Camera, Battery, and CPU/RAM. Project Ara is one of the more exciting things that is in the works for mobile hardware, and once the idea kicks off – it is impossible that Google would be the only company to produce the modular smartphone.

Vsenn is the first Project Ara modular smartphone competitor
In fact, the first competitor appears to have emerged and it is named Vsenn – and a landing page, which we can only provide you right away. Announced that it is effortlessly working on a modular smartphone that runs Vanilla Android. Co-founded by a former Nokia Android X program manager, Vsenn has outed some news regarding the modular that will allow users to customize their smartphone as per they desire.

Apparently, the landing page says that the company has been founded by a former Nokia X Product Manager, so this does have a bit of legitimacy to it. It will allow customization and it seems a bit more than a Project Ara transformation and will eventually allow the hardware run the “pure Vanilla Android with guaranteed updates for the next 4 years”, though we don’t know if that will include Google Apps and Play services or not.

Vsenn has with this modular project will give everyone the power to create their own smartphone by using the upgradable hardware and the website also mentioned about they’ll be focusing on privacy with three layers of encryption, free VPN access, and a secure Cloud service.

Additionally, it also claims that the modular phone will run stock updateable Android and have 4.7-inch HD screens. Users can even customize back covers of the modular as they like. Until now we have got nothing related to when it will be launching, or when we might see the Vsenn hardware, or what the pricing might look like.

Vsenn promises a secure Modular smartphone to challenge Project Ara
However, it will be interesting to see that the idea will be a bit more limited in customizations. Project Ara has their plans to allow full customization, including Swapping the display, and various sensors at the same time, but Vsenn wants to take full advantage of that approach.

Stay tuned to Grabi to grab more information which will be added soon by the company about the Vsenn modular smartphone next week. Which do you guys prefer?