Vivo’s New Teaser Shows A 3.8mm Thin Smartphone Underway

Just a couple of days ago Oppo has introduced the world with a superslim 4mm phone called it “Oppo R5“, which is said to be the slimmest smartphone, but unfortunately they have missed their grip anyway. A new report surfaced featuring an even thinner smartphone is arriving. Which is going to have a tickness of 3.8mm (0.14 inches) and the manufacturer will be Vivo.


Images of the Oppo’s thinnest rival emerged and we don’t know when did they start developing the device but we got some pictures to flame your imagination.

Vivo-4mm-phone-1Comparing with the iPhone 5s (7.6mm thickness), then exactly two such Vivo phones will make a single iPhone 5s’s. Gionee, the current record holder for slimmest phone would have started feeling their device Elife S5.1 is a bit plump. Vivo’s phone will be very slim but there are two sides of a coin and this thickness will effect the configuration of the device and more effected one will be the battery packed inside in it as with present technology.



However, Vivo can’t provide high capacity battery though, but they are willing to stand with their equation to bringing the world’s slimmest smartphone, for now.