Vine For Android Update Brings Improved Video Recording And Quality Notifications

Just after rolling-out an update including the loop counts feature and more, Vine has started rolling out yet another update for Android app via Twitter, that brings over features previously only found on iOS such as revining, channels, and an optimized camera user interface. The update of Vine for Android, users is said to get an improved Vine video recording quality, and also brings some improved notification customization. Full details about it can be grabbed after this fold!

vine_update_android_notification_change_android_policeCapture widget is such key feature that Android users will receive with this new Vine update that iPhone users will miss out on. The capture widget that can be placed on the phone’s home screen to jump into recording as soon as possible. While the camera portion of the refreshed app has apparently been improved with grid and focusing tools. The update also brings the new mute button, so that you can watch videos in the Vine Android app without having to listen to them.

Notably, the details on how exactly the video recording quality has been improved aren’t clarified and certainly important to point out, whether the recording would still be limited to the device’s camera resolution or et al. Android Police added the apps notification system’s Settings tab now comes with options to show likes, comments, re-vines, or mentions, along side a ‘tailored for you’ option as well.

Vine for Android users can now switch on/off notifications for VMs, new contacts, milestones for loops, likes and followers. Speaking about the new ‘loop-count’, the feature reveals the number of times a video has been looped, including on Vine and via embeds across the Web, on the top right of each and every video shared.

The new update comes with a new design for the Activity feed, more visual and concise notifications, plus new notifications when friends joins Vine.

BO7aP3XCcAASevB.png largeThe update was announced on the app’s Twitter account and is now available in Google Play.