Verizon for Android Handsets to Launch Its Own V CAST App Store ?

According to a letter sent to the Developers, Verizon is now for Android Handsets, preparing to launch a V CAST App Store. With a more detailed evolution and approve only the ones it feels are worthwhile, the store will apparently require applications to go through.

For the new Verizon’s V CAST App Store features as follow:

Verizon V Cast APP Store for Android Handsets
Verizon V Cast Android App Store

* There is no testing fees applicable and it’s free
* Their goal is to place our application in the App Store within 14 days of Submission and it’s fast
* Carrier Billing – our Applications are billed directly to the customer’s Bill and Credit Cards and Paypay accounts are not allowed.
* As 70/30 Revenue Share – 70% for Developers and 30% for Verizon
* Content Programming and Share continuity across Multiple Platforms, such as Android and Blackberry
* With Networks API’s! messaging and aGPS Integration
* With detailed Submission guides Online and Forums are monitored by the Verizon Support Staff
* Hands-on, Experienced Content Programming Team – Get the visibility we deserve, not just a quality-crushing algorithm!
* Subsciption Billing will come soon….!

This is it, and information about the launch date of Verizon’s V CAST App Store for Android Handsets has not yet provided.