Vapor4 iPhone 4 Case with Amazing Features: Solve your iPhone 4 Reception Issue

Several cases available for the iPhone 4 from the Apple Bumber case to a few other from manufacturers. This is the one which is awesome, Vapor4 iPhone 4 case.

The iPhone 4 bumper case is simply a bit or plastic or rubber that stretches around the outer edges of the phone and protects the glass from touching surfaces as well as protecting the edges of the phone. Turn your iPhone Into a Full-Blown Pocket Projector with This Case

This Vapor4 bumper – made of Alluminium – may solve most of these design problems, like, the iPhone 4 Shatters easily, and its tiny plastic bezel offers no protection. On the top of that, touching its metal rim causes interferences and more.

This Vapor4 case for the iPhone 4, which covers the edges of the iPhone and protects it, but the amazing feature here is that the Vapor 4 actually looks awesome. Vapor4 iPhone 4 Case will also fix the antenna problem with the when in bad signal areas. Achieving this by lining the insides of the alluminium casing with a meterial that prevants the antenna from touching the casing, whe n testing the company didn’t find any interferences.

Vapor4 iPhone Case

The case is made of aluminum and comes in two parts, there is a bumper case and also an optional carbon  fiber back plate to protect that glass back. The Vapor4 is not cheap, although not as expensive as the beautiful exotic wood back replacement: The Vapor4 is $80. For $100 you also get the V4Carbon, a carbon fiber back plate that will further protect the iPhone 4 fragile glass back. Peel PG92 Adds Dual SIM Capabilities to the iPhone 4 – Vooma Case.

iPhone 4 Vapor 4 Case  Vapor4 iPhone 4 Case Solves Antenna Issue

According to the manufacturer the case works perfectly with the iPhone 4 and there are no reception issues on the iPhones they have tested with the case, although this remains to be seen. via