Use AirDrop in Mac OS X Lion – How to Video

How to : Use the new AirDrop feature in Mac OS X Lion to send and Receive Files . Here is the Video guide on How to use AirDrop to do so on Mac Lion 10.7.

AirDrop in Mac OS X Lion to Send Files via Air

Actually, with the AirDrop, you can send Files wirelessly around you without any WiFi Network required. There are no specail Settings that are complicated, just be Clicking the AirDrop icon in the Finder Sidebar on your Mac Lion you can Automatically discover other AirDrop users within about 30 feet to you.

To Share files, you have to simply drag it to Someone’s name, and once it is accepted, the fully encrypted file transfers directly to that person’s Download Folder. How to Use AirDrop in Mac Lion :

Step 1 – Open a New Finder Window, jus by clicking the iCon in the Dock.

Step 2 – Now Select AirDrop from the list of favorites on the left. When done, you may be prompted to enable WiFi if it is turned Off.

AirDrop  Turn WiFi On

Step 3 – Now you will see your Computer at the Bottom Center of the Window.


* Once the recipient navigates to AirDrop in their Finder window their device will appear on your screen.

Navigate to AirDrop

Step 4 – Drag a file on top of the recipient computer and click Send from the popup menu that appears.

Drag Files to AirDrop

Step 5 – Now a Popup will appear on the recipent Computer asking you if you want to accept and save that File.

Watch Video – How to Use AirDrop in Mac OS X Lion

That is it, the file will be Downloaded into their Downloads file. via