Unofficial iMessage App For Android Released As A Great Way To Compromise Your Security

Now, we’ll be talking about an Apple’s iteration of messaging app called “iMessage Chat” introduced with the launch of iOS 5, and today Daniel Zweigart has released an unofficial iMessage for Android devices, available on the Google Play Store. The app lets Android users send messages to iOS users via iMessage. Full details about the surprising Messenger app after the break.

A new Apple-style messaging app on the Android Play Store has been making rounds this month, and its name should be more to tell why; it’s called iMessage. Promising to allow Android users to communicate through iMessage, and the app goes beyond its strength to emulate the look and feel of the iOS and OS X service, but risky in the other manner.

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Hacker and developer Adam Bell notes that “it looks like that iMessage on Android hack is super sketch and is posing iMessage requests as a Mac mini.” Others out there reported that it works successfully and according to The Verge, who tested the app, were only able to get iMessage Chat to communicate between Android devices running the app – therein it attempts to ping other iMessage contacts were not recognized. Final words, about the functionality they’re been able to access was basically Android-to-Android messaging.

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Developer Steven Troughton-Smith tweets:

iMessage for Android app has code to download APKs in the background? TOTALLY SAFE. Not rootkit-ing your phone or anything? πŸ˜€

Link to this app at your own risk. I’d be quick to re-flash and format any device it touches. That’s just me, though

@chpwn @SteveStreza @chronic @b3ll as an obfuscated APK w/ the ability to download apks or delta code patches, I’m not comfortable with it

Warned not to use any app even though be the best alternative that ask you to go via third-party developer to sin inΒ  to Apple’s services. With iMessage chat, it is concerned that your information might not be secure as it passes through the app maker’s services in China before it’s sent on to Apple.

Note: iMessage for Android looks great and in the either way it will also compromise your security as well. When you try this app, then you’ll notice when you’re ready to transfer and processing data, iMessage Chat asks users to invest a lot of trust in its proper operation.

Considering such chat messengers is truely a big risk and we strongly recommend that you don’t use the iMessage app on your Android or at least wait for more accurate details. [Read More]