Unlock Your iPhone With A Single Tap Using TapToUnlock7 [Jailbreak App]

Apple when launched iOS and iPhone, ‘Slide To Unlock’ has been the stock feature and that’s the major one which Steve Jobs mostly described about on how to unlock an iPhone or iPad when it was announced in January 2007. But today, there are a veriety of third-party apps that can change you iOS device’s lock screen functionality, such as Swipe to unlock, tap to unlock and so on. If you’re one of those jailbroken your iPhone on iOS 7.0 to 7.0.6, then, here we got the best Cydia tweak that can change the default unlocking ability to just a tap unlocker.

Just Tapping and no more sliding! The title itself suggests that this jailbreak tweak replaces the Apple’s patented slide to unlock to “tap to unlock”. Allowing you to unlock your iPhone by just tapping on it. Already seen on some of the best Android smartphones.


TapToUnlock7 is an iOS tweak from drewsdunne that lets you unlock any iDevice with a single tap of a customizable button. Also offers a bunch of configuration settings, and options that allows you to tap anywhere on the screen to unlock it.

Are you tired of long, tedious motion of sliding your thumb across the screen? Well no worries, that is gone with TapToUnlock7! Create a custom button for unlocking your iDevice and give that thumb a break!

Note: This jailbreak tweak isn’t useful for the iPhone 5s users, which is lot more easier to unlock their device using Touch ID fingerprint sensor. Not saying that it’s not compatible, but its better than the TapToUnlock7 app.



Customizable Button:
– Change the color
– Change the text
– Add/Remove border
– Use an image as the button
– Change height and width
– Change text font size
– Change opacity

Image Use:
– To theme TapToUnlock7 by using an image, it must be placed in the folder /Library/Application Support/TapToUnlock7/Contents/
– It requires to images the non-retina one and the retina image (‘FILE_NAME’@2x.png)


Tap Anywhere:
– Turning on Tap Anywhere allows the user to tap anywhere on the screen to unlock one’s iDevice. (This removes the button and replaces it with the original slider, will change in later version)

Disable Default Unlock:
– Gives the user the option to keep the slide to unlock along side the tapping function.


– Should be compatible with other lock screen tweaks depending on how the tweak is configured in settings. Customize anyway you like to make it work with your favorite lock screen tweak!
(If it causes crashing with another tweak, report it to me and I’ll see what I can do to fix it)

TapToUnlock7 is available on Cydia for $0.99. Interested ones can now purchase it!