Twitter Pulls Plug On Allowing Users to Direct Message Anyone

Now it’s killed! Just last month Twitter officially announced that the new integration would make it possible to send someone a direct message as long as they’re following them. Although the option was a bit different from the normal method of direct messaging, where it requires both the parties follow each other. That’s the reason Twitter rolled out that new feature and following that many accessed it through user settings and were been experiencing the latest, but now it looks like Twitter has completely removed direct messaging option. Why? Full details after this break!


Odd about the feature was only made available for merely over a month. Twitter has decided to end that and remove the option to enable this little feature. Sadly to say that you won’t be able to accept direct messages from anyone following you and also following them either. Regarding this ability, people probably prefer this actually, but it was still a nice piece of feature to have such option.

How to Send a Direct Message on Twitter

Direct messages let you send your contacts private notes through Twitter, like regular tweets and @replies, direct messages are limited to 140 characters. The only person who can see a direct message is the recipent and you can send a DM only to a Twitter user who’s following you which helps cut down on spamming and other unwanted messages. Check out if someone is following you and to send a direct message:

Step 1: Log into your Twitter account. Click Massages in the top menu bar. Now the message window opens, from there you can send a private message to twitterers who’re following you.


Step 2: Click on New Message. Enter username of the person you want to send a message to. Enter a message in the main box and click Send. As with all Tweets, you must keep your message to 140 characters.


No comments from Twitter yet, but the micro-blogging did say in the past about direct messaging feature was a implementation currently being tested. Guess! The test didn’t go as expected, obviously not enough user base was build, or using it to make it worthwhile. What next?

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