Twitter #Music App May Soon Be Killed, Already Planning [Report]

As reports surface claiming that Twitter is currently planning to kill off its Twitter #Music service, which offered social music discovery culled from activity on the 140-character sharing service, just been in since six months after launching it. Now, according to AllThingsD, Twitter is strongly considering killing off its #Music mobile app. Full details after this break!

AllThingsD, which cited multiple sources familiar with the matter about the potential shutdown was reported, that Twitter #Music is a service that helps users discover and find new music based on the microblogging network’s, the artists users follow and songs that are trending. Download rates now, have been reported to be incredibly low, making Twitter decide to pull the plug on the project.


In addition to Twitter’s iPhone app, there’s still lack of a web version of Twitter #Music. However, failed to take off with mobile-app users. Just after its launch, Twitter #Music has dropped from the top 100 list of free apps on iTunes. Twitter #Music is now ranked 170 in the App Store music vertical for the United States, which is its ranking in the muic category on October 19th, 2013.

Now that Twitter is “strongly considering” shuttering the mobile app, after its download and usage numbers have dropped precipitously following a respectable launch. In fact talking about the features that work reasonably well in terms of offering up some interesting new music, but not so exclusively that similar service offering from competing apps. Plus, there’s iTunes Radio as well, which could be very strong, very free competitor with no subscriptions required to get full track streaming.

The reports say:

Twitter is currently in the process of revamping its music team, and that its future focus will likely be on partnering with existing outlets, such as iTunes, Rdio or Spotify, rather than building a separate experience in-house. This makes sense because even if Twitter #Music as a mobile app is a failure, music still has lots of business potential, especially as the company prepares to go public.

Twitter never intended for the service to be a major source of revenue, but apparently it’s so low it’s not even worth maintaining. Trying to edge into a music download business means like trying to compete with Google in the internet web business. No body there hates Apple use iTunes to download music legally.


Twitter has, apparently, already decided that #Music might not be a great source for direct revenue, though. Twitter, however makes “the substantial majority” of its revenue through advertising, which declares that “we do not currently place, or even plan to place, ads on #Music.”

There’s opportunity for Twitter in music – just not likely in #Music. Stay tuned to Grabi, because there’s lot more things to be revealed soon. (Via Mashable)