How To Tweet with Siri on the iPhone 4S

How To Tweet with Siri , the Best Voice Recognition (iOS 5 Voice Techhnology) on iPhone 4S . Siri on iPhone 4 Ported Successfully and want to Prevent Siri Access on Locked iPhone 4S , then read this article. Now i am writing about How to Tweet with Siri on iPhone 4S : Siri is one of the Best/ Cool Features. But, Tweeting with Siri right out of the Box will not make you tweet, why ?. You Can Enable Siri on iPhone 4 too, with this Steps.

Send Texts/ Email via Siri on iPhone 4S

Because, Siri is still in beta Voice Assitant Feature and do not Connect up at all of iOS 5 yet. Twitter and Tweetdeck (third party applications), You don’t have to wait for Siri to gain access to your Twitter app, to start tweeting with Siri as soon as you get your iPhone 4S.

Know More About Siri ?

Siri is a personal Voice Assistant that can respond to many requests, using Artificial Intelligence to try to place your questions in context. Actually, Siri is not perfect yet, and many trying to work hard on this Voice Assistant. Siri also Offers many advancements over the Voice Control and Simple Dictation services offered on other Devices.

What is Siri What can Siri Do

Siri can control many functions of your iPhone, including the new Reminders App, which is able to remind you to do things based on your location. This allows you to use Siri to remind you to grab something when you get home, or to do something as soon as you get to work.

Here are just a few of the things you can ask Siri to do,

* Ask for a Reminder – At a specific time or place
* Ask to send a text
* Ask or the weather
* Ask for information – Like a restaurant
* Ask to schedule a meeting
* Ask to send an email
* Ask for someone’s number
* Ask to set an alarm
* Ask for directions
* Ask to set a timer
* Ask about your stocks
* Ask to play a playlist
* Ask about Siri

These actions allow you to do many things, and because Siri understands, you can ask just like you would ask a friend or a real assistant.

How to Use Siri to Tweet from iPhone 4S/ iPhone 4

Siri can Send Text Messages and Emails, so you just need to do a little preparation to Start Sending Tweets with Siri on iPhone 4S.

1. First Open your Twitter Settings Page

2. Click on the Mobile Tab

Tweet with Siri on iPhone 4S

3. Now Make sure, you have the Phone Number of your iPhone 4S Entered. If not, follow the prompts to link up your iPhone 4S phone number.

4. Now Add Twitter to your Contacts with the Phone Number 40404.

Important Note – While Sending Messages may cost you Money based on your Plan, so make sure to know how many Texts you can Send to avoid a large Bill.

5. To Start Siri, Hold the Home button on your iPhone 4S for 2 seconds.

6. When Siri is ready, just say, Text Twitter, and then your tweet.

7. Keep in Mind that your Tweet will only need to stay under 140 Characters.

8. Siri will Confirm, if you want to Send that Text Message or Not. Confirm and your Tweet Send with Siri on iPhone 4S successfully.

These tweets will appear in your timeline just like normal. While it will be much harder to reply to someone or to @ includes someone in a message, you can still use Siri to tweet complaints about traffic or share with all of your followers.

You can also Do More with Siri on Twitter: If you want to read a Tweet, you have to turn on Message Notifications in the Mobile Tab. See Below Shown Picture:

Tweet with Siri on iPhone 4S - How to Set Up

You can have text message alerts for users you have activated mobile notifications, direct messages or replies. These will arrive as basic text messages. Personally this is too much for me, but if you only subscribe to replies or DMs, you might be OK with this. Because it is a text message, Siri can read it to you.

Shout Loud to Siri with These Commands, to work in a better way:

* FOLLOW username – Start following a user
* UNFOLLOW username – Stop following a user
* ON/OFF Turn all Tweet notifications on or off
* ON/OFF username – Set Tweet notifications for a user on or off (you’ll still be following them even if you set it to off)
* GET username – Shows you the latest tweet from any user
* RETWEET username – Retweet a user’s latest tweet
* FAVORITE username – Favorite a user’s latest tweet
* DM username your – message – Send a direct message to a use r

You can Wait for Some time for an Official Support for the Twitter app in Siri. This way you can Tweet with Apple’s new Intelligent Personal Assistant on iPhone 4S. Via