Turn Your Twitter Feeds Into Toilet Paper (TP) With Sh*tter

A New Company called Sh*tter, only with the “I” included, emerged by allowing Twitter users to print their entire contents of your Tweets or Twitter feeds onto a white cotton roll of Toilet paper. This would be somewhat odd ideas that are so ideotic, its bound be successful. Most interestingly, the company is a manufacturer of a custom toilet paper, i mean it!

So, now you can turn any of your Twitter feeds and convert them into a TP with Sh*tter, aiming to tunr it into for rolls of toilet paper that you can use it to wipe your ***. While the tunrded four rolls cost you $35. Rediculosly, the company even has a tagline that says, “social media has never been so disposable.”

The site is credited to a team of four developers who live in New York and Sydney. They call themselves Collector’s Edition, a new-breed entertainment company that seems to craft clever web sites and services.

Update : This thing is spreading faster than Montezuma’s revenge. Prolific angel investor and StockTwits founder Howard Lindzon just declared he wants to invest, on Twitter.

Are you ready to make that or turn Twitter feeds into Toilet paper? No! i am not one of them who wants their content go to grabage or Shitter.