Try Windows Phone 7.x Mango On Your iPhone and Android Right Now!

Recently a new Windows Phone platform was out and been very popular running on several handsets with the ability to integrate completely with an exchange account, an amazing turn-by-turn navigation app and a beautiful WVGA screen. With several other features aimed at entertainment such as Xbox LIVE compatibility and what’s called Live Tiles.

Microsoft sent out a tweet from their @windowsphone twitter account linking to a Windows Phone demo you can access from your phone’s browser. Aimed at Apple and Android OS users:

Got a friend with an #iPhone or #Android? Now there’s a #WindowsPhone demo they can try on their mobile browser.

This link might work for those who are reading the article through PC or a Mac but its highly advised that you come back with your handset (mobile phone) and click the following link to check this demo: The semi-guided tour can be accessed by visiting with your phone’s browser. The HTML5-based site mimics the look and feel of Windows Phone on your device. Once started, you can select multiple different demos including People, Family, Pictures, Local Scout, Calendar, Outlook, Messaging and Phone.

It’s a clever marketing stratagy, we would be surpriced if Apple and Android followed suite with their own demos in the future. Here’s what Microsoft has given you the chance to check out their Windows Phone platform without leaving your home. But, it’s not fully functional demo, however it may be enough to push you to head to a store to try the real one.

Many have tried Windows Phone platform on their handsets like iPhone 4 and the Android phones, the demo is pretty limited, but it works, and very smoothly you might add. You don’t have access to all Windows Phone features, since it gives you a general feel of joy.

When you try it on iPhone 4. It’s not full screen demo, at least not on your phone. You still see your Safari bar below and strandard bar above, yet you’ll be impressed. The demo allows you to go through the different Windows screens and navigation through their phone, email, text and aclendar tiles. When you reach the end of path, you’ll be seen the option of exiting the demo or starting over.

Sorry! the link won’t work from your computer browser for some (but it works on Chrome from Windows). You’ll be receiving an error screen to try the link from a different device. You may see the same screen from an unsupported mobile browser as well.

If you are one of them who are thinking to drop your iPhone or Android phone for a Windows Phone, this might be to push you need to make a call. Via