Truedialer Is Truecaller’s new Smart Dialer App For Android Now Available For Download

Phone directory application developers of Truecaller Caller ID has launched Truedialer for Android and Windows Phone handsets, which offers users details of a person before the outgoing call is connected.

Download Truedialer (Free) for Android, now available from Google Play storeTruedialer for Windows Phone 8 rolled out a few months ago, but recently gets updated with realtime Caller ID featurefor WP 8.1 users, It replaces the stanbdard phone dialer with new smart dialer that offers accurate information about contacts such as name, profile photo and more before placing a caller. It gives instant access to relevant information about contacts that users are trying to dial.

For example if users dailing a number for an individual or business outside of their phonebook, they’ll be able to see the name and a photo of whom they’re about to dial. The integration of the Truecaller technology works in conjunction with Truedialer, which eventually equires data connection, similar to the Truecaller app.


Nami Zarringhalam, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Truecaller, regarding to new app said,

Until now, phone dial pads have not truly improved since the feature phone days. With the same infrastructure that powers Truecaller, our ambition with Truedialer is to replace the phone’s phonebook app, and be invaluable to users, just as Truecaller has changed the way people receive calls and find contact information. Truedialer’s launch is a major milestone for the company from being focused on a single app. Users can expect Truedialer and Truecaller to complement each other to form the perfect phonebook experience.

However, the company has no plans of integrating the apps to offer a unified experience to users. Truecaller already has 85 million users globally, and it’s a free mobile app which shows name of the person calling to the user even if the number is not saved in the Android phone. With Truedialer, users can automatically search for information about a number they are dialing.

Features of Truedialer

  • Automatically search for information about a number you are dialing from the Truecaller’s database
  • Automatically fill in missing contact information in your call log with information from Truecaller’s database.
  • Protect yourself from spam and scams. If the number you’re about to dial has been reported by Truecaller’s community as an unwanted number, you’ll be warned before placing the call.
  • Quickly dial your favorite contacts with T9 search (predictive text)

You can now download Truedialer For Android | Windows Phone For Free