Transform Windows 7 Into Zune Player Interface with Zune Skin Pack – Download Now!

Are you an Windows user, then you would love to know about the most popular ,the Best Media Players for Windows 7 . Zune Player is one of those original music players.

Zune Skin Pack for Windows 7: Transformation Pack Download Now

Apart from that we are now introducing a Skin pack, which can Transform your Windows 7 into Microsoft’s Zune Player interface using this Zune skin pack, which ia available to Download for Free. This Zune Skin pack as i told above is a 3rd party browser toolbar, if you don’t want to install the toolbar, select “Custom Installation (Advanced)” type and uncheck all 3 options given at the time of installation.

We had already presented you with eight awesome Transformation Packs or Windows 7 OS to Transform, by download all skin pack such as Mango Skin pack , the Mac’s Lion Skin pack , Google’s Android Skin pack , and the apple’s new Mobile OS “iOS 5 Skin Pack ” to Transform Windows 7 into those Skins. Zune Player skin pack which we are going to share with you today as an Transformation Pack for Windows 7 users which will make your Windows look-like Microsoft’s Zune Player with the beautiful Interface.

This transformation pack comes with Zune theme, boot screen, login screen, icons, toolbars and many other eye candy stuff. The same guy from the deviantart “hemeddanger” @DA created this Zune Skin Pack to Transform Windows 7 into Zune Player Interface.

Before Installing this Skin pack onto your Windows 7, please create a system restore point, so that you can restore default windows look in case if ou don’t like this Transformation Skin Pack.

It can be installed in Windows 7 with or without SP1. Its available for both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7 versions. You can follow this guide shows you how to install skin pack and you can also Transform your Windows 7 in a simple way.

You can Download Zune Skin pack – Transform your Windows 7 Into Zune Music Player Interface

Download Link (32-bit)

Download Link (64-bit)