Transform Windows 7 into Android 2.3 Using Android Skin Pack: Theme Launcher

Android Transformation Skin Pack:Windows 7 Download – Android Theme Launcher – How To Transform Windows 7 into Android OS using Android skin Pack 1.0 Theme Launcher (Install Android on Windows 7) . After Mac OS X Lion Transformation:iPhone , now another Theme Launcher called Skin Pack 1.0 has been made developed by Hamed Danger which convert your Windows 7 operating system interface into Android operating system.

Transform Windows 7 to Android

Wait! When you see the Photo above, that Android Theme for Windows 7 Was Revamped with some other Add-ons and Apps like used Rocket dock, Android Windows 7 Theme and Android Wallpapers for Windows 7 and some other Apps.

Android Skin Pack:Windows 7 Theme launcher has completely revamped your Windows 7 look and transformed it into Android operating system using Android Skin Pack. The start menu has been shifted from bottom to the top as a as a notification bar and cool launcher dock has been placed at the bottom of your desktop screen .

The Skin Pack includes many other wallpapers and icons, styles which have already used in your Android phone. The Android Theme Launcher let you Modify:Windows 7 Interface, that it can Convert Original Boot screen and Logon Screen of Windows 7 PC into Completely new screen having Android Boot and Login Screen Interfaces.

Are You Ready to Download and Transform Windows 7 to Android OS Desktop using Android Theme Launcher (Skin Pack 1.0).

How to Transform Windows 7:Android Desktop:

1. Download Android Skin Pack (32-bit | 64-bit):Windows 7 Theme Launcher

2. UnRAR or UnZIP that Downloaded Theme launcher File.

3. Double Click on Android Transformation Pack

Android Transformation Pack:Windows 7

4. Click on Next Button

Transform Windows 7 to Android using Android Skin Pack

5. In the other Windows, accept

6. This is where it will ask you the Android Skin Pack Quick Installation (Recommended) and Custom Installation:Windows 7 Transformation Pack.

Android Transformation Pack for Windows 7 Download

7. Click on Quick Installation and continue with next Button

Android on Windows 7 Theme Installation in Progress

8. Now ask you to Select Components to Install: See the Image and Click on Install

9. Reboot after Installation

Android Transformation Pack for Windows 7

Now you Can see the Image above which i Transformed Windows 7 into Android OS Desktop with Android Skin Pack 1.0 Theme Launcher.