Top 4 Best Google+ Chrome Extensions

Google+ Chrome Extensions – Google Plus (Google+) is a new Social Network Launched by Google few days back. Now Grease the wheels of Google+ with these Top 4 Best Chrome Extensions to make Social Networking Faster and more convenient and with more fun added.

Google Plus Chrome Extensions

Google Plus (Google+) Social Network Launched , and many talking about this these days, even though the Service is still in Invite-Only test Mode and estimated that Millions of Users have already Joined this Google’s Social Network Service.

How to Enhance your Google+ Experience righ now ? with the help of these Top 4 Best Google+ Chrome Extensions, that is the Best Browser touse with Google Plus. Thanks to Digital Trends for this Post.

1. +Everything – Google plus (Google+) users can call it as the “Crack Bar”. This Simple extension places the Crack Bar at the top of all the Websites. which places a G+ notification icon on your Chrome toolbar, rather than display the entire notification bar across every screen. This is probably a better option, and one that is gaining popularity.

2. +PhotoZoom – This Google+ Chrome Extension handles Photos, but you have to launch the Photo Viewer everytime, when you want to chexck out the Picture one of the People whom you follow has posted to their Stream. Users must simply scroll over any Photo with +PhotoZoom from Stream posts to Profile Pictures and a larger version of the Picture will be appeared on the Screen.

When you move your Mouse, it will disappears and to Turn it back off, just by simply click the icon that appears on the far right corner or on the Notification bar. Is not it is easy, simple and may be one of your Favorite Chrome Extenions that is currently available.

3. Replies and More from Google+ – This Extension is similar to the Facebook, when you are in the Google+, we know comments in the Stream move quickly, specially on the Posts by Users with heavy following. For this, Replies and More for Google+ instantly adds a “Reply to the Author” Button at the Bottum of every Stream Post, that make easy to respond directly to the person who posted.

4. Helper for Google+ – This is very important Extension and does a few things, First of all it adds “Tweet” and “Translate” Buttons to the Bottum of the Stream Post. It does make easier to Send Google Plus posts as Tweets, if you installed Replies and More extension. Translate posts into your Launguage of Choice, and this Helper for Google+  displays Stream Posts in a pop-up Window at the Bottum of the Brow+ser Screen, and helps you to make sure you never miss a bit.