Top 15+ Best WordPress Plugins for Blog Administrator

WordPress Plugins:Admin Area – Grab Top 60+ Best WordPress Plugins for Blog Administrator (15+) . Talking about the WordPress Blog and WordPress Plugins will be really great. This is the only Blogger Platform every Blogger shows off. WordPress Plugins are one of the great way to enhance and Optimize your Blog.

Implementing or Installing WordPress Plugins into WordPress Blog is to add more features to your actual blog Interface, WordPress Layout. There are 50+ Tools For The WordPress Admin (Plugins) . I choosed from these Top 50+ Best WordPress Plugins for Blog Admin Panel .

To handle a WordPress blog these days can be quite difficult if you are not well-organized and you don’t spend enough time managing it. Choosing WordPress Plugins is very important, which Plugin for your WordPress Blog is ment for and when to use them. Where the Administrator Plugins is one of the most Important aspect, which have the most Important Roles in your WordPress Blog, that help you to get Statistics, help you manage Content and Help you Generate Content and lot more.

Here are Some of the Most Powerful Adminstrator Plugins: WordPress Blog requires a lot.

Top 15 Best WordPress Plugins for Administrator

1. Admin Menu Editor – This is WordPress Plugin for Blog Adminstrator to easily Customize the Admin Menu as you like.

2. Hide Admin Panels – WordPress Plugin for a Collective WordPress Blog, this Hide Admin Panels will help you to restrict some permissions for different types of members of your Blog. Adfter Installing Hide Admin Panels Pluging:Wordpress Blog, you can also choose who sees what.

3. Pop Menus for WordPress Admin – If you would like pop-up menus for all the WordPress admin features, you can get all from this WordPress Plugin and Speed up your Admin Panel or Admin Area Navigation. It adds a pop-up sub-menu to the main WP menu items in your left sidebar and works even when the menu is collapsed. So, no need to collapse or hide the menu items anymore to save space since the plugin takes care of that automatically.

4. WordPress Tweaks Plugin – This is one of the powerful Pluging:Wordpress Blog to control the Admin Area of your WordPress Blog. This WP Plugin offers several various Tweaks including Turning off Auto-complete Tags, Disable Flash Uploader, Diasable Self-pinging, disabling the dashboard and setting various SEO and security options to further optimize your blog .

5. Post Ideas – This WordPress Plugin stores your Ideas about what you would like to write in the coming future. Simply click on “Post Ideas”, when you are ready to post about one of your Ideas and you will be redirected to the Writing Page.

6. Adminimize – One of the Advanced WordPress Plugin that comes with a lot of Features to Customize your WordPress backend. You can hide unwanted items from the WordPress Adminstrator Menu (Panel), Submenu or from WordPress Dashboard with forwarding to Mangae-page, which are included as 50 Options in this WordPress Plugin to twaek the backend of your WordPress Installation.

7. Qwerty Admin Panel Theme – Qwerty Admin Panel Theme is a nice looking Admin Panel theme. The permits you to style the admin panel and login screen for all users. The WordPress logos can be swapped the with your own logo images for custom branding.

8. Easy Admin Color Schemes – The default WordPress Installation comes with two color scemes, blue and Grey. This WordPress Plugin Adds two more color scemes for your WordPress Administrator Panel. You can also export your custom color scheme to use it on other blogs.

9. Ozh’s Admin Drop Down Menu – Admin Drop down Menu is one of the best WordPress plugins to change the default user interface of WordPress admin area. The plugin replaces all the admin links with super charged and beautiful horizontal CSS drop down menu. The plugin also saves you from unnecessary clicks to expand the menu and enhances your productivity.

10. WordPress Admin Bar – admin bar similar to You can access the admin features of your blog without going to the dashboard. Simply access the desired feature from any page of your blog, as long as you are logged in as the admin. You can display or hide any of the menu options to make it more productive.

11. Contact Form 7 – After this WordPress Plugin Installation, you can be able to see multiple Contact Forms which are spanm Protected with other Advanced Features.

12. 404 Notifier – Gives you a log of all your 404 errors so you can see why your readers are ending up on broken pages. This 404 Notifier Plugin for WordPress Blog will help you to use codes to provide the Better Information that it can deliver to the Readers who come across bad links. This WordPress Plugin also helps you when HTTP Errors occur.

13. Gravity Plugin: WordPress Contact Forms – Plugin for WordPress Contact Forms called “Gravity Forms”. If any one ask you about the Best WordPress Plugin for Contact Forms, then you can easily say about Gravity Contact Forms: WordPress Plugin.

This is one of the Best Plugin for WordPress Blog without any compitition. This Contact Form WordPress Plugin creates Posts, allows WordPress Bloggers to Upload Imagesn and also allows conditional Logic and so on. This WordPress Plugin in another words is all-in-one Forms Plugin for WordPress Blog Contacts.

14. WP-DBManager: WordPress Plugin – WordPress Plugin: WP-DBManager one of the Best WP Plugin to Backup, Optimize your WordPress  Blog Database on Auto Pilot. This WP-DBManager Plugin for WordPress Blog is very useful in many reasons. This WordPress Plugin is known as a real life saver, once you Set up this WP-DBManager on your WordPress Plog in a form of Plugin, it will automatically Optimize and Backup your WordPress Database.

15. WP Super Cache Plugin: WordPress Blog – One of the Best WordPress Plugin: WP Super Cache is used to Generate Static HTML Files from your Dynamic WordPress Blog. This WP Super Cache Plugin for WordPress is great and Best for two reasons.